OdLaW ~ Getting Us Nowhere, 2013, is the new ten song collection of original adult alternative rock 'n' soul from the Maine based trio. This follow up to their critically touted debut OdLaW 1, 2011, is a thematic journey exploring the relationship of motion to relationships in motion. Conveyed with the purity of guitar, bass, drum, and voice, along with simplicity of rhythm and melody, the band has crafted a combination of original, yet accessible, music. From the alt-pop opener, Analyze, to the bluesy gospel conclusion, A Beautiful Day, OdLaW cut a path open to many.

“In a world of musical pigeonholes, OdLaW music defies all stereotypes.”
Eddie Adleman, Music in the Metro, Bangor Metro.

Their debut cd, OdLaW 1, 2011, garnered radio and print media attention throughout the state of Maine and had the band playing dozens of shows and festivals in support of this initial offering. It spawned a feature article in Bangor Metro Magazine, a slot as Featured Artist of the Week on WERU 89.9, a song, Learn to Love was featured in a documentary, a great album review in the Bangor Daily News, two music video's created by local teenagers, multiple music festivals and Bull Moose Record Store Day performances, and radio airplay in Bangor and Portland, Maine markets as well as inclusion on several on-line radio outlets.

“OdLaW are doing their best to avoid labels by producing pure and minimal three-piece rock with a
variety of seemingly conflicting influences that include California punk, alt-rock, country, and jazz.
Giving themselves complete stylistic freedom and describing themselves as “eclectic alternative
americana rock 'n' soul,” their debut album, OdLaW 1, shows hints of Johnny Cash and
Frank Black backed with punchy beats, simplified melodies and deep grooves.”
Getting Out of Portland with Ben Dennison, Dispatch Magazine.

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